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Sun, January 11 2004 6:17 PM

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Sat, April 23 2005 3:10 PM

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high speed wireless broadband

Until we get a little more info here you will need to call for help.

router freeze ups

Most problems with our high speed can be traced back to router's. If you haven't tried power cycling your router try that. If you are still having difficulty please contact our office.

cisco 1700 series routers

We have verified problems with IOS versions prior to 12.3-7t. A router with this problem will typically connect at whatever rate specified or auto-negotiate. When testing the throughput of the router it will be limited to about 64kb on our system but may test normal on a cable or DSL connection. After a flash upgrade to 12.3-7t or above throughput is as expected. Contact your router provider or Cisco for help on upgrading your IOS.

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