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Web filtering software

Texas Communications is concerned with your childrens safety on the net. To help you find a solution to controlling the content your children view we are supplying the following list of software providers. Any costs we list are current as of the date of this page.

Please remember, no software can take the place of parental envolvement with childrens web viewing habits.

Some of the software just blocks sites. Some block and monitor or snoop. Some do both. Do your homework to make sure you get what you expect.

More information can be found at The TISPA filter page

Filter Software
Title and Web Address Price
CyberPatrol $39
Spectorsoft $150
Cyber Sitter $40
Access Control $40
Crayon Crawler $5 per month
Net Nanny $40
Cyber Snoop $50
We Blocker Free

Texas Communications does not endorse or support any software listed here.

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