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Sun, January 11 2004 5:50 PM

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pop-ups, adware, spyware, and other annoying junk

We get more and more calls about this type of thing. First, Texas Communications will never instigate a pop-up of any type. There are several things you can do about this so lets start.


A pop-up is a a form of web advertising that opens a new browser window, often with a specal shape, that either pops on top of (pop-up) or underneath (pop-under) your current browser window. Pornography sites use this extensively but other do as well. Some of the actions you can take to help reduce this are:

  • Download and install Google pop up blocker
  • This is the only "web tool bar" we will ever tell you to get. The rest are typically scams that reduce available bandwidth, this one is really good. In addition to easier search or news you get a really good pop up blocker. Get it here.

  • There are others, you can do a google search for them to get a current list.
  • Use a browser that has a pop-up stopper built in like firefox.   Get Firefox

adware, spyware

Although different we put these in the same category as they are handled by the same set of tools. The tools we currently would recommend are Spybot S&D and Adaware. They are both free for personal use, do a great job, and aren't a ploy to give you more ads so you will pay them to get rid of them. Yes, there are programs on the net that claim to stop pop-ups but increase them in an attempt to get you to pay them to stop. Be sure and comply with each programs license terms. If you love the program you may consider buying it but there is no obligation as long as you comply with their terms. After you install the program, remember to run the update utility before you run the scanner.

For things you can do about the other big annoyance, spam, see our spam page for help.

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